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Consider a New Air Conditioning Estimate Before the Summer Months Hit

Quality air conditioning is important when the hotter months hit. But just as servicing a cooling system should be done prior to peak months, so should the consideration of installing a new air conditioning system. The decision to purchase a new air conditioner requires a little research into who is installing it, the manufacturers offered by the HVAC contractor, and the size of the unit necessary for the square footage of the home.

When it comes to which air conditioner to buy, it is important to remember bigger isn’t always better. Unscrupulous HVAC contractors who have no concern over a customer’s best interest may imply that the more BTU’s you get, the better an air conditioner will perform. This isn’t the case. An oversized unit actually wastes more energy and is less effective overall.
It is also important to consider the type of unit you are getting – meaning, what kind of warranties are offered by the manufacturer, the history of the contractor with the units they carry, and the history of the servicing of the units by the contractor. A true HVAC specialist will know everything about the products they sell, and why they believe that their units are superior to others in terms of quality, efficiency, lifespan, and ability to service and repair at minimal consumer cost. They should also have a good reputation in the community in which they are working.
When installing a new air conditioner, the SEER rating should also be discussed. Since present-day manufacturers of air conditioning systems are required by law to rate their products according to their energy efficiency, the SEER rating, also known as a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, is the industry standard for these manufacturers. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit will be, and the less energy it will consume when it’s being run. In general, there are ratings that range from an 8 SEER rating to a 26 SEER, but the majority of residential properties will install a unit that carries between and 11-15 SEER rating.
A professional HVAC contractor can go over the details of a purchasing and installing a new air conditioning unit more extensively. It is best to contact reputable company and have them give an on-site estimate, because an on-site estimate will not only help a homeowner determine the credibility of the HVAC contractor, but will also give the customer enough detail to fully assess their options when purchasing the best air conditioner for their living space and budget. Take a look at the type of ac repair Greensboro NC has to offer.

HVAC Repair Specialist

How to Find the Right HVAC Repair Specialist


When a residential heater or air conditioner gives out, that’s when panic sets in for many homeowners. Is a new unit necessary? Can it be repaired? Will it be expensive? Those are all common questions that enter a person’s mind. After all, a new system can cost quite a lot of money, and it’s a major item that many people just don’t have factored into their budgets. HVAC repair isn’t expensive, however; the key is finding a trusted professional to get the job done.


When looking for a company to tackle residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs, a good HVAC repair specialist will always have the following attributes:

1. They will ask a lot of questions. There are a number of reasons why a unit may not be functioning properly, and only a repairman that asks questions can determine the true cause and give you a proper estimate for repairs – particularly since the issue may not currently be a continually occurring problem at the onset. A homeowner can be a vital resource for the history of a system’s function, and can give insight into where to start assessing potential problems.


2. They will perform diagnostic checks before providing solutions. A professionally trained HVAC repair specialist will always perform diagnostic checks before offering repair estimates or replacement options (if necessary). They will also test after repairs or installation for proper function and air flow, and will detail the test being performed, explaining them when necessary.

3. They will check the whole system, including air ducts. Sometimes when residential property is in need of HVAC repair, the contractor is interested in repairing or replacing equipment, but fails to include the whole system in their analysis of the problem. A good contractor knows the importance of the ventilation system and will include it in his or her routine checks.

4. They should have a good reputation. Even those new to the HVAC business will still have a good reputation. This is because they will have obtained the proper certification, experience and tools to do the job properly. In addition, just because a company has a brand-name attached to them does not automatically make them the best contractor for the job.

5. They will offer a competitive price. Here is where many people get confused. A competitive price means a good price as compared to the quality of service delivered. A professional HVAC repair specialist will not always give the lowest estimate, but it will likely save the homeowner money overall.

There are a number of HVAC repair companies that claim to give the best quality service for the best price, but there is one key characteristic of a professional contractor that makes choosing the right company much easier. A person will always know when the right HVAC repair contractor comes along, because the right company will provide most of the answers about any repair estimate before a customer has to ask the questions.


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